Soul Snacks Café

Soul Snacks Café is a kid-at-heart space for adults who care about the importance of maintaining child-like outlook in life. A’ang Muljanto, the writer of children series “The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart” – a series dedicated for children, their parents and teachers to nurture and teach great values, creates this blog as another complementary extension to the series.

The contents of this blog are intended to be “snacks for the souls”. Like other tasty snacks always do, they should induce happiness. Some of the snacks perhaps will make you think more about a particular issue while other foster some understanding. As your daily healthy snacks, they are light in nature and unpretentious. In this café, you can even choose how you like to enjoy your snacks. You can devour “all flavors” at once or go one-theme-at-a-time. Suit your liking!

I welcome your ideas and comments on how to make good entertainment-education materials that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Feel free to roam other Didgit Cobbleheart’s sites as well:
Facebook: Didgit Cobbleheart
Twitter/ Twitpic: @cobbleheart

If you like what this café is serving, please come back as often as you like and bring as many friends along! We like a room full of happy people!


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