Didgit Cobbleheart’s-SOCA Magazine Partnership: September 2014


In the month of September, the theme of my wonderful partner, “SOCA” children magazine, was “Indonesian Oceans- Heaven on Earth.” Personally, I have been creating so many artworks and books about the richness of Indonesian oceans, and how everyone should preserve it before they all were destroyed by greed.

But, for “SOCA” I created a one of a kind piece where my friends and I embarked on an ocean adventure aboard Indonesian famous Bugis’ traditional boats, called the Phinisi boats. The Bugis and the Mandar of South Celebes have been famous sailors for many centuries. Using only traditional knowledge, they traveled around the world, as far as Madagaskar and Cape Town, South Africa!

Indonesian oceans are also home to world’s biggest biodiversity. Mangrove forests, coral reefs and sea grass beds as well as thousands species of sea animals are found in these rich oceans. However, the destruction of these largest ocean biodiversity already reaches an alarming stage. Together we have to protect and preserve them.

Stay tune for my up coming beautiful book called “Mencintai Laut Indonesia” or “Loving Indonesian Oceans.”


Didgit Cobbleheart’s-SOCA Magazine Partnership: August 2014


My cool partner, “SOCA” children magazine, celebrated Indonesian scouting in the month of August 2014 edition. That’s why I created my page as a celebration of both Indonesian and International scouting.

August 14 is celebrated as the Indonesian Scouting Movement day. From the earliest days of its conception as the Dutch colonial’s East Indies scouting organization, the scouting movement in Indonesia has evolved into a national scouting organization.

Under the leadership of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, the founding father of modern Indonesian scouts, the organization infused many Indonesian values and is incorporated as an integral community based organization actively participating in the national development projects. This unique approach to scouting is applauded by the International scouting organization in which Indonesia is a member of.


Didgit Cobbleheart’s-SOCA Magazine Partnership: June 2014


Time flies really fast! It’s been half a year now since my first partnership with my wonderful media partner, “SOCA” children magazine. So, for their June 2014’s school holiday edition, I created a special holiday piece for them.

My friends and I love to have fun adventures! We love to see wonderful and unique sceneries, meet new people, do one-of-a-kind activities and have great fun with animals.

So, I created “postcards” for my friends and families every time my friends and I have great and fun holidays. I share some of them on “SOCA” magazine as well.