Friendship – Good Intention-Bad Execution


Yes, I can’t wait to carry it around! I thanked Jinga for such a cool backpack. But again, Jinga is never predictable. Once she saw how good the backpack looked on me, she changed her mind. She decided to keep it for herself! Jiiiiinngggaaaa….!!!


Friendship – No One is Perfect


Everyone loves Vimna. She is pretty and sweet. She loves gardening, and she often gives us wonderful flowers from her garden. They are so vibrant with colors.

Animals also love Vimna because she is caring and always is gentle with them. So, we are so surprised to find out that her bedroom is messy with all kinds of things. Nobody will guess that’s her room!

But, we know that no one is perfect. We love Vimna despite her untidiness. And being good friends of hers, once in a while, we help her clean up her room.