Stop Bullying – Isn’t That Chair too Small?


Fuzzy loves all of his pet animals, including Pinkin, the Ginormosaur. He tries to teach them many cool tricks. But, sometimes, Fuzzy does not realize that he pushes them too much.

For example, the other day, he tried to make Pinkin sit on a very small chair. As much as Pinkin loved to please him, she just could not make herself sit on such small chair.

Often times, we can also be a bit insensitive to our family or friends. Think and feel before we act. Be sensitive to others.


Stop Bullying – Big and Suffocating Hug


Jinga has a very strange relationship with her cat, Qit. She knows that cat, especially Qit, has its own mind of what it likes or dislikes. Qit does not like to be hugged, at all. But, Jinga does not care about her pet’s approval. When she wants to hug Qit, she will give the tightest hug there is.

Sometimes we think that what we do to others will be good for them without taking their considerations. What’s good for us not necessarily good for others.

Stop Bullying


Do you know how dangerous a Floppyraptor is? It is a perfect hunting machine to say the least. Once they see you as their prey, you can only pray that miracles happen!

Lenid, one of Fuzzy’s favorite pets, is a different kind of Floppyraptor though. He is never mean to anyone, and he doesn’t like to eat meat like his other family members. Because he’s different, his friends and family like to bully him for being a kind-hearted vegetarian Floppyraptor. So, my friends and I like to remind them to stop bullying Lenid. He should not be bullied because he is different from the rest.

We, humans, also have to remember not to bully our friends or family who we think are different from us. Don’t be scared of differences, instead, embrace them.