What You Need:

  1. 500 gram flour to make bread.
  2. 1 pack dry yeast (for 500 gram flour)
  3. 60 gram sugar.
  4. Grated skin of 1 lemon.
  5. 60 gram butter.
  6. 2 eggs.
  7. 250 ml milk.
  8. 40 gram peanuts/ cashews/walnuts (to your liking) -finely chopped.
  9. 4 boiled eggs.
  10. Container


How to Make It:

  1. Fill the container with flour. Mix it with the dry yeast- follow the instruction on its pack.
  2. While kneading, put in the sugar, grated lemon skin and butter, consecutively.
  3. Whipped the eggs then mix it into the dough.
  4. Mix warm milk and the dough, knead it until everything is soft and easly formed.
  5. Cover the container with the dough with a clean towel. Keep it in a warm room for 30 minutes. Let the dough expand.
  6. Knead the dough again until everything is even.
  7. Divide the dough into 4 equal size pieces.
  8. Divide each pieces into 3 equal size smaller pieces.
  9. Twist three parts together so it looks like rope, as thick as your thumb.
  10. Braid the three parts together, then join the two ends. The shape is a circle like a nest.
  11. Repeat the same process three more times. You will have four nests at the end.
  12. To make the nests as natural as possible, you can sprinkle the fine chopped peanuts on top of them. Polish it with egg yolk so your nests will look shiny.
  13. Bake them in the oven for 35 minutes or until they are done.
  14. Put your boiled eggs on top of your egg-nest breads. Now they are ready for eating.


More Ideas!
Using the same dough, what other shapes can you make? Expand your creativity!

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