Fathers’ Best Friends

Fathers Best Friends5

The idea from this interactive comic strip again comes from Uncle Irwan Rinaldy and Aunty Yully Purwanti of Sahabat Ayah (Father’s Best Friend), a non-profit organization aiming to support Indonesian fathers to be more actively involved in their children upbringing.

Just a few weeks ago, my father, Piko, showed you how wonderful it will be to have a father who can be our teacher as well. As you know, my father is the smartest and richest man in our village, Cragtop Caves. He knows a lot of things, including how to nurture our earth well in order to benefit from it.

Uncle Boldo always has tons of fun with his son, Fuzzy! They have different kind of activities than my father and I, but equally fun and interesting! Uncle Boldo wants Fuzzy to train with him regularly so that he can share his coolest moves and skills to him. Uncle Boldo wants Fuzzy to be the world’s best circus performer! Looking on how the two train together, I am pretty sure Fuzzy will be the greatest in the future! He has a loving, caring and fun father who will be guiding and training him every step of the way. Now that’s a great recipe for champion!


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